Saturday, 11 February 2012

Weekend Hot Mix

This is definitely one for the ladies! Something to listen to while you get ready or to get the party started before you head out...

This mix is a dedication to Speedqueen (the greatest club in Leeds) by one of my favourite DJ's, Tintin... (ok maybe I'm slightly biased as he's my fella).

Get your dance shoes on and enjoy!

Feel free to click the download button below if you want to listen again :)


  1. Great mix, listened too it this morning whilst doing my cardio work out.

    Great blog!

    Lauren Victoria x

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment!

    Hoping to make this a weekly feature so check back here and you can have lots of great mixes for in the gym!

    What music do you like - just house or you quite open minded in terms of taste? Don't want to scare anyone off it gets too techy ;)

    Lindsey x


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