Monday, 2 July 2012

NYR White Tea Facial Mist

I am already a regular user of Neal's Yard Remedies White Tea Face Mask so was delighted to be sent the White Tea Facial Mist to try out.*

Neal's Yard describe this product as "a gentle facial mist to calm refresh and rehydrate the skin. To be used after cleansing to tone the skin, or spritz throughout the day, even over make up, for a refreshing hydrating boost".

I've been trying this out for a month now and it couldn't have come at a better time given the warm weather we had been having (seems like a distant memory now!) and with my recent holidays to Ibiza and Marbella.

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I had been working out every day to get beach body ready and after exercise I do suffer with an extremely beetroot-esque face. This is the ideal product to refresh the face and cool you down but it also has calming properties - it helped soothe my red face and return it to normal colour within a few minutes. It left my skin feeling good too, definitely more plumped rather than the tightness I can sometimes feel after showering after an intense work out.

The product is infused with antioxidant white tea, calming organic aloe vera, aromatherapeutic organic essential oils and soothing Bach Flower Remedies. It smells lovely, and whilst I wouln't say it leaves a residue on the face, it definitely feels like a moisturising layer is left on the skin. It is also 92% organic, paraben free and vegan friendly.

I thought this product would probably be quite expensive and therefore it would be nice as a gift but maybe not something I would buy for myself as I haven't previously used a facial mist. However, I was surprised when I checked the price that this was only £10.50 for a 45ml bottle and definitely think its a worthwhile edition to any skincare regime, particularly during the summer months or if you exercise frequently.

You can find the full product details and buy the product here.

Do you use a facial mist or would you try one?


*All items marked with a asterisk (*) are gifted items or pr samples.


  1. I suffer from a very beetroot-esque face after a workout too, it's very rare that any amount of makeup or product will hide it! If you find anything please let me know :)
    This product sounds lovely but I agree, I don't know if I would buy a facial mist. It's a nice idea but probably a product that I would just forget to use!
    N xoxo

  2. Thanks for the comment Natalie!

    As I said, this product did help get rid of the redness very quickly - I just keep it in my gym bag so its handy :)

    Understand that people may not think to buy this product though and that's why I thought it would make a nice present

    Lindsey x

  3. Babe, im def gonna be trying me some of this. Im off to Ibiza in a couple of weeks so this will be perfect. My face is always the first thing that gets hot on my body. I love that this product is organic = animal friendly.


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