Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Track of the Week - Tanzlife

Well what can I say? Southport Weekender 48 was absolutely incredible... from start to finish 2 days and 3 nights of the best house, soul and live music surrounded by the nicest friendliest clubbers I've ever met. Plus the sun shined in Minehead all weekend!

Highlights of the weekend from me were sets from Julio Bashmore and Andre Lodeman in the Beat Bar on Friday night. Especially hearing Andre Lodeman play his mix of Liquideep - Feel It which was earmarked for a track of the week recently but never got posted due to illness/being busy/laziness. You can't imagine how great this sounds on a loud soundsystem!

However, set of the weekend had to be from Rainer Truby who smashed it in the Beat Bar on Saturday night. The DJ was introduced to me and my boyfriend at the Suncebeat Festival last summer (Southport Weekender's sister festival in Croatia) by some music loving friends but we missed out on seeing him.
So glad we made sure to catch him this time round as his balance of deep house, melodic instrumentals and catchy vocals made for a perfect set. The crowd loved him and there was clearly a lot of fans in the room judging by the reaction when he dropped his latest tune, Horse with No Name.

Without a doubt my favourite track played by Rainer and from the whole weekend, and my Track of the Week is Tanzlife - Heart Attack. I challenge you to keep still to this one!

Would love to know what you think of these tracks?



  1. Was just listening to a Rainer Trueby mix with the Tanzlife track which I googled leading me here. Just so happens I was at southport too, and gotta agree, Julio & Andre made my weekend. Andre's set was magic though. I didnt leave the dancefloor, not once. And yeah, that Liquideep remix sounded special ;)

  2. What a lovely comment - thank you! Can't believe you were there and experienced the same thing as me!

    Have you got the link to the Rainer Truby mix? Would love a listen...



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