Thursday, 10 May 2012

Vidal Sassoon

Today the beauty industry is in mourning, as Vidal Sassoon, the British born hair stylist that revolutionised the hair industry died at the age of 84.

Most well known for his angular and geometric lines and for creating the bob haircut in the 1960's, he is also credited with freeing women from the shackles of back combed, hairsprayed, over-coiffed styles of the 50's with his so called "wash and wear" looks that became so important as women began to enter the world of work.

After my hairdresser of 8 years went on maternity leave last year and a couple of bad cuts, I walked into Vidal Sassoon Leeds salon, purely on the basis of it being a well known brand - and not wanting 3 hair cuts like I'd get in Toni and Guy.

I opted for a cut with a stylist at the cheaper end of the spectrum at £53 and was converted as soon as I'd had the consultation.

I really bought into the philosophy of how they cut hair and how differently they viewed styling to hairdressers I'd used previously. My stylist Lee explained that they never dried hair using a round brush to pull it straight, kept use of straighteners to a minimum and wanted to create haircuts that worked with the natural movement of the hair meaning that they require as little effort as possible for women to recreate at home.

Having only learned more detail about Vidal Sassoon since the news of his death broke in the last 24 hours, I'm amazed that his overarching principles of hair cutting and styling still ring true right throughout the business. 

If it was refreshing for me to hear this in the 21st century, it's easy to understand how Vidal Sassoon changed the industry and became such an iconic and inspirational figure.



  1. He was an inspiration! Thank god there were people like him to change it for women x

  2. Such an interesting read, some great research. A great tribute to the late Vidal Sassoon x


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