Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Live What You Love

Illustration by Chrissy Welsh - check out her 365 day project form 2012 here

Within twenty-four hours of completing Tough Mudder, the hardest thing I'd ever put my body and mind through (read about it here), I was already contemplating my next challenge. I've clearly caught the extremely contagious obstacle racing bug that is spreading around the world faster than a bad strain of bird flu.

Having only ever run 8.5 miles in training prior to finishing the 12 mile event, I began wondering that if I could get through 12 miles with obstacles, then would I be able to do a half-marathon straight running without the obstacles?

A major symptom of the aforementioned bug includes not questioning 'why the hell would you want to do that?' but 'I wonder if I can do that?'. With this in mind I have entered myself into the Liverpool half-marathon on March 17th.

One of the most satisfying feelings post-Mudder has been generated by inspiring others to have a go. My fiance wants to do a TM but is not a runner at all. Fair play to him though, he's been out in the cold starting his training and we've entered into a shorter obstacle race as a warm up before going for the big one later this year. The event Major Series is hosted by British Military Fitness and we'll be doing the 10k course at Bramham Park near Leeds on March 2nd. Give me a shout and let me know if any of you are taking part!

In support of his efforts (and to help me be more understanding than bossy), I've also decided to take up a new sport - in my case swimming. Of course, I can get in water and not drown, but this is very different to being able enter into either a fun or competitive swimming event. The ultimate dream will be to eventually participate in, and complete a triathlon. Having started back in the pool for about a month on and off, I realise this will be a lot harder than I ever could have anticipated. More on this later.

2012 was a fit year for me. In fact, it was the fittest and healthiest I've been since I was at school and competing in county level athletics. This isn't something I'm about to let slip away easily. Have no fear, I'm not getting old and boring, I've just realised how much better I am at everything when I'm fit. Getting up in the morning, energy levels throughout the day, sleep patterns, mental energy at work and general motivation and zest for life. If I could bottle it and sell it, I'd be a frigging billionaire.

With the realisation of just how important diet and exercise is to both my physical and emotional wellbeing, it seems a natural progression for my blog to cover more on these subjects. So for 2013 you can expect to see a lot more in the way of health, fitness and food.
I'm neither a fitness professional nor a nutritionist so don't profess to be an expert but this is something i'm passionate about. I'll be featuring a wide range of exercises and training regimes I'm trying and testing, recipes, reviews of sportswear and equipment, supplements, books/articles/people that motivate me along with my journey to hopefully achieving my goal of taking part in a triathlon.

I'll still be covering beauty and music but wanted to give you a warning about the squats, squash and sweat that you'll notice more of round here from now on...

I hope you'll stick around and here's to a fit 2013!


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  1. Clare Gillibrand29 January 2013 at 21:33

    2013 is seeing a bit of a change for me on the fitness front. I've registered for a 6 week intense course which starts on 18th Feb. It basically involves 3 spins a week, a personal trainer session and a Pilates class. It also includes a raw food workshop, to show you the benefits of including this in your diet. We'll see how I get on, as I am not an exercise fitness person. Since moving here though, where everyone is very much exercise and health focused, it's made me realise Ishould be, and starting to want to be, too. I shall keep you posted!


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