Thursday, 26 July 2012

Cool as a Cucumber

For those of you who follow me on Instagram (theresonlyonelb) you'll have already seen I'm an expert when it comes to coordinating my face mask with my outfit but I thought I'd share it with the rest of you.

I've been working in London this week and enjoying the hot temperatures - it must have reached 30 degrees on Tuesday. To send off a work colleague, we were invited to Stein's (a Bavarian restaurant/bar) on the river in Richmond and after a few beers at lunch it was only a matter of time before we bailed from the office to take advantage of the warm weather in the evening.

Drinking in the sun for a few hours at lunch and after work as well as just general London sweaty/dirtiness left me feeling greasy, red and a bit tight-faced (despite wearing product with spf) and when I'm working away I tend to only have my essentals in my washbag so I popped into Superdrug on my way back to my hotel to buy a face mask.

My face pre-mask

Given that I have sensitive skin and I'm quite careful about products that I use on my face I opted for the Superdrug own brand Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask as it was suitable for my skin type and paraben free.

The mask has a lovely thick texture and when first applied it did have a cooling effect. After a few minutes I did notice a slight tingling - nothing uncomfortable but slightly surprising after the initial cooling sensation. Not sure if this was the product or just my sun abused face from earlier in the day! 

There was far too much product in the sachet for one person - even applied liberally I was struggling to use it all up and I reckon you could get two applications worth so definitely good value at 99p.

The packet said to leave on for 10-15 minutes and as you can see, the product had barely dried after this time -again because I'd applied the whole sachet and I'm not sure this was needed.

Face Mask after 15 minutes

Face after mask

The product was quite stubborn to wash off (excuse the wet hair as a result!) but had definitely calmed my skin removing the grease but still leaving it feeling soft and calmed.

Which face mask do you use?



  1. I don't tend to use masks, usually scrubs. But I'm planning to start using them. In the past I haved liked gel based ones.

  2. You look very refreshed :) I like the apivita masks or even just throwing together some Greek yogurt and honey :)

  3. I tend not to use face masks as my skin (like yours) is incredibly sensitive. But this looks good. Definitely think I need to treat myself to a wee pampering.
    I did laugh at the match between the mask and your top!!

  4. I bought this mask the other day too! and it has been staring at me, but I've no idea why I still haven't used it...i think today will be the day :)


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