Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Happy Birthday To Me...

I'm not a girl who worries about my age or getting old (there's always botox right?) and back on the 5th July I celebrated my *ahem* 28th birthday. One drawback that people always talk about is that birthdays and Christmas get progressively more disappointing as you get older.

Well, speaking from experience I can happily inform you all that this is a load of old (excuse the pun) baloney... as this year's birthday was the best I've ever had... If you are easily offended by mild bragging of lavish presents I advise you to look away now ;)

Aside from it being a Thursday and having to work, I had a lovely evening with a meal at my favourite restaurant in Leeds, Blackhouse Grill - I had the wild mushroom tart with leek and brie, followed by the sashimi grade tuna loin. Apologies for no pics but I feel a bit awkward about taking photos in nice restaurants - just trust me it was amazing!

In addition to that, I was a very lucky girl this year as thanks to my boyfriend I am now the proud owner of the stunning Mulberry Roxanne!

The handbag is simply perfect. Whilst I get that the Bayswater is a classic, I knew it wasn’t for me – not just because everyone has one, but I’m not a fan of the slouchy leather. The Roxanne has a much more industrial feel – I love the pocket, buckle and rivet detail and the leather is a lot stiffer and I get the feeling will be more hardwearing over the years.

He also bought me a pair of leopard print Converse...

Not just spoiled by my boyfriend (major major brownie points for him btw), I also received some cash and some of my favourite Neal's Yard goodies from my family and the love continued with my best friend Helen buying me the Naked palette by Urban Decay! I'll do a separate post reviewing these soon...

A note to all girls out there - proof its always good to have a publicly documented wish list ;) Those of you that saw my April wishlist will know that I was already lucky enough to be bought the Sugarhill Boutique Cherry Bomb Shift Dress (OOTD here) so I was gobsmacked to virtually complete the set.

Lucky and spoiled doesn't even come close!

When is your birthday and what are you hoping for this year?



  1. Happy Birthday! What lovely gifts! :o)


  2. Ahhh love that bag! Soo jel, going to have to drop some hints for my birthday...doubt i'll get one though! Hope you had a great birthday.

    Georgie <3


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