Monday, 30 January 2012

Nurture not Nature...

So after talking about it for a few weeks, I've finally given myself a kick up the arse and decided to get my blog started.

Two great passions; beauty products and house music...


Admittedly most kids growing up in the 90's were massively stylistically challenged, however I managed to take geekiness to the next level with no concept of hair, clothes, make up. Or femininity full stop judging by the picture below.
I'll give you a clue - blue t-shirt... mushroom hair cut... back row...

Over the years I've managed to collect tricks, tips and what I can only describe as my must have and miracle products to finally help me look respectable. Believe me its definitely more nurture than nature...

And what about the music? In a nutshell... moved to Leeds for uni, met an amazing bunch of mates who happened to be music lovers, DJ's, producers, promoters or just party animals. Spent many a weekend on a dance floor cementing friendships and my love for the bass and the beats. 

So along with the occasional rant I hope to share product reviews, make up and outfit looks (still always learning on this front) as well as my favourite tracks, mixes and gigs/club nights I've been to...

Hope you enjoy!



  1. Looking forward to your posts! You look lovely in your picture :)

  2. Thank you! I'm assuming you mean the second picture? ;)


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