Thursday, 9 February 2012

Diesel Loverdose

I've been happy with my current day perfume (Hugo Boss Orange) for a while but was looking for a new fragrance to wear on an evening - I prefer something light in the day but want a heavier, warm, longer lasting scent for nights out.

The last evening perfume I was wearing was Calvin Klein Euphoria which my boyfriend always liked. He likes a combination of sweet and musky perfumes, as opposed to light/floral. (That's meant to be a positive description but not sure I've explained it brilliantly as I'm not used to describing perfume!)

According to their website it has "woody oriental" tones which I think sums it up better. I always found Euphoria quite intense and perhaps a bit heady and very strong when first applied so I wanted to try something new.

 I'm now using Loverdose by Diesel which I absolutely adore. The Diesel website describes "The base notes feature the spellbinding warmth of vanilla infusion mingling with ambrox. Creamy liquorice liqueur mixes with woody scents".

Loverdose Ad Campaign
Now I'd never heard of ambrox before so did a little research and ended up being back in a chemisty lesson. Are you ready for the science bit? I don't want to lose you if not so this blog explains it in detail if you fancy reading more... Perfume Shrine Blog

Loverdose Bottle
Essentially this perfume has just the right amount of sweetness and warm musky woody tones (see what I did there?) and its definitely a firm favourite at the moment. Not only do I love the fragrance but the bottle is amazing too - its cut to look like a diamond from a beautiful pink/purple glass.

Diesel Loverdose 50ml RRP is £47.50 but obviously you can find it cheaper if you shop around online.

I'd love to know which perfume you are using?


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  1. Loverdose kann man auf meinem Blog gerade gewinnen und du scheinst das Parfum ja wirklich zu mögen, vielleicht schaust du mal vorbei? :)


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