Friday, 23 March 2012

Illasmasqua Human Fundamentalism Master Class

Last night I attended a master class at the recently opened Illamasqua store in Leeds to showcase the new Human Fundamentalism range.

The stand alone store only opened in December and it was great to have the opportunity not only see the range launched earlier this month but also to get a tutorial on how to put the products to use.

The philosophy of the Human Fundamentalism range is about defying conformity, breaking the mould and individuality. When you look at the bold colours below you can really start to see the possibilities for people to express themselves quite creatively!

The lovely Illasmasqua trainer Ross and key make up artist Leena were on hand for two hours to create two different looks using the collection. Ross was going for a theatrical look using the new bright colour range that really showed off the high quality pigmentation, whilst Leena demonstrated a more technical look with a far more wearable result.

What really came across during the master class was the versatility of Illamasqua products with the ability to blend and layer as well as use lipsticks, blushers and eyeshadows outside of their conventional areas of the face. Ross's look in particular pushed the boundaries as you can see below.

Ross's creative theatrical look

Leena was working on a more wearable look with an objective to teach some technique and used her favourite product from the range, the Fundamental palette containing Liquid Metal in Molten Pewter, a gorgeous matt Cream Pigment in Mint Green, and Powder Eyeshadows in a bold yellow called Hype and a rich violet called Inception.

I particularly like the face contouring using the Skin Base Foundation in shade 1 as a highlighter and the limited edition Au which contains tiny flecks of metallic shimmer as the darker shade to shape the face. 

The other product that was a firm favourite in the class was the Precision Ink in Scribe - a white liquid liner that Illamasqua is calling the "anti-liner". As you can see from the look below this really makes the eye stand out and breaks from the convention of using black. If like me, you cannot bear to break away from the black liner, this is a great product to use as well as black to make the eye pop, and can also be mixed with the pigmented eyeshadows to create a coloured liner.

The new range features two bold lipsticks - Box (red) and Apocolips (teal). As Leena explained, these are direct opposites on the colour wheel so actually work well together, and when combined like on the model below actually create a gorgeous purple shade - making these great colours for a MUA's kit.

In addition they also taught tricks to create a clean flick when applying eye make up, techniques to apply false lashes and which brushes they recommend and were completely open to any questions. It really was an great way to learn from the pros!

Leena's more wearable look

Ever thought that certain colours are only suited to certain skin tones / eye colours / hair colours? Well the Human Fundamentalism range really challenges this mentalilty. The staff had totally bought into this and certainly encouraged us to have a play and not be afraid to try something different.

I wasn't brave enough to try the Apocolips teal lipstick, as being someone that generally only wears gloss even the matte classic red lipstick in Box was a bold enough step for me. I did like the red but will definitely take some getting used to!

I ended up purchasing a few products based on some staples from Leena's look and the contouring technical wisdom she'd shared.

Skin Base in shade 02

Precision Ink in Scribe

Powder Eyeshadow in Vernau

I bought the Skin Base in shade 2 to use as a highlighter, whilst the Vernau eyeshadow is a yellow ochre shade perfect for contouring and filling in brows. I also got the blusher brush number 2 and the Precision Ink in Scribe.

I agree this is a somewhat tame selection bearing in mind the colours on offer but am somewhat boring and still learning when it comes to my make up. I tried out a gorgeous red eyeshadow called Daemon and the Liquid Metal cream eyeshadow in Enrapture. This was definitely a look I would like to try out again, if only my bank balance had stretched further I would have bought these too...

Will you be rocking the Human Fundamentalism range?



  1. Wow, that's some crazy make up! I like the colours you have gone for though, even if they are boring in comparison.

    Amy x

    1. Thanks Amy, makes me feel better about my choice of purchases!

      Lindsey x

  2. Wow - the first look is completely unreal. I still think you'd have to be pretty brave to try the second one too. Love what you've gone for, I'd quite like to try out that white eyeliner x

    1. I agree the second look is still dramatic, but I think the model really pulls it off as she has quite an edgy look anyway.

      If I was as good at the technique I'd love to try just the eyes!

      I'll post again when I've had a chance to try out the products

      Lindsey x

  3. The theatrical look is amazing, so creative! So excited about the Precision Ink in Scribe, it's definitely top of my shopping list from this collection! x

    1. It was amazing to watch him work - blending the eyeshadows into the hair line and eyebrows and drawing on the face with lipstick - I've never seen anything like it!

      The eyeliner is amazing, tried it out on my hand and it didn't budge, its so white its incredible. Will post once I've tried it out properly!

      Lindsey x

  4. wow, that first look is amazing! I missed the Illamasqua unveiling in London which I'm still gutted away, what an amazing opportunity to watch such creative people at work! x


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