Thursday, 1 March 2012

Operation Nails SOS - Week 1 Update

A full week has passed since I began an attempt to rescue the condition of my nails and as promised here is an update. You can see how bad they were a week ago in my initial Operation Nail SOS post.

Just to recap the products and routine I have been using:
  • Duri Rejuvacote - apply a new layer over the existing layer daily for 7 days
  • Elemis Frangipani Monoi oil - rub into cuticles twice daily (morning and evening) 
  • Aveeno hand cream - use in the morning after I have showered and applied the oil

I have managed to stick to this apart from not using the oil twice a day everyday but just once. I've actually found the whole routine quite therapeutic in a silly kind of way - just by taking 5 minutes to stop and do it has been relaxing rather than doing everything at 100 miles per hour like normal.

During the last two days, the layers of nail varnish began to crack and peel, and despite relayering each day by the end of the week it was definitely ready to come off as you can see from the pictures below - not a great look. Interestingly where it was cracking is usually where my nails may have split (particularly the thumb nails) so maybe the varnish was providing a protective layer.

Left Hand before I removed 7 days varnish application

Once I took the varnish off I noticed that I did still have some poor condition - a few tips were peeling, and yesterday I did manage to partially break one nail. I think maybe my expectations were quite high if I thought I was going to get perfection in a week, however, given the state of my hands last week there has been a good improvement.

Left Hand nail condition starting to improve

Right Hand nail condition - middle nail broke yesterday, thumb nail still weak from breakage last week

The directions on the Rejuvacote state that after a week/as your nails improve you can cut down applications to every other day or couple of days. At the moment its difficult to say whether I would have had the same results with any clear varnish, but as this product is recommended for use to improve nail condition particularly after removal of acrylics and gets great reviews I think I would like to continue using it. I don't want to run before I can walk so I am going to restart my routine and use everyday for another week so I can really make a fair assessment as to whether this varnish has improved my nail condition. I will also make sure I use the nail oil twice as day as originally planned.

Lets hope for more significant results next week!


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  1. Totally forgot I read this post ages ago, just didnt remember the name of the product eh! Results look similar to OPI I think, but your nails are not as damaged as mine! Mine are literally paper thin, not even jokin, my bf always freaks out when he touches them and they bend:D x


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