Sunday, 1 April 2012

April Wish List

We're at that awkward mid-season time of year again where I'm adamant I have absolutely nothing to wear and I want everything that's in the shops. I also seem to be dressing inappropriately for the ever changing weather conditions like wearing a sheer top when its sunny but turns out its still 9C outside or being caught in open toes in the rain.

I'm also planning lots of nights out and holidays to Ibiza and Marbella so I am basically wanting to spend money when I should be saving.

However, in that parallel universe where I've won the lottery and money is no object, here's what's on my April wish list...


1. Sugarhill Boutique Cherry Bomb Shift Dress
I discovered this site after seeing it on another blog (the Raspberry Branch) and found this absolutely gorgeous dress apparantly worn by Denise van Outen! Love the print but I think the cut is just perfect - 3/4 sleeve and nipped in waist would look great on.

2. Top Shop Macarena summer sandals
Love love love these! I'm a sucker for a peeptoe flat - much more flattering than a flip flop and definitely more appropriate for the office. These are super soft and comfy (well as comfy as they can be from test driving them in the changing rooms!) These come in black, white and pink... can I justify 4 pairs?

3. Zatchels Classic Satchel in Red
Zatchels are everywhere at the moment and I'd love the classic in red... this will never go out of fashion and is so practical as well. 

4. Next Magenta Suede T-Bar Sandals
I have to confess I've given in and ordered the Next sandals today as they are going to be my staple wedding season shoe this year. Have FOUR weddings to go to between June and August! Luckily I'm bridesmaid at one of them so its one less outfit to worry about but I thought these magenta shoes will jazz up any dress that I wear and is bang on this season's colour blocking trend!

5. Deborah Lipmann blue nail varnish - On The Beach
Do I need to explain why I want this colour? Completely different to anything I've seen anywhere else and would make a change from my usual summer coral...

Add a pair of leopard print converse, a nice gold watch and any Mulberry handbag to this and you've got my ultimate wish list but I've tried to keep it realistic and achievable ;)

What items are on your wish list and do you like any of mine?



  1. That Deborah Lipmann varnish is the PERFECT colour

  2. OMG that dress is stunning! Love!

    1. I know! The only problem with everyone saying how lovely everything is is that it makes me want to buy them even more x

  3. I love those Toppers shoes. *yes* you can justify many pairs... the perfect summer sandal!

    Linds - great post. You enabler!


    1. Haha at £35 a pair I might just start with the brown and see how I get on!

      What's an enabler?


  4. There's lots of items creeping on to my wishlist for summer at the moment too! I really like those Topshop peep toe flats, I want them in the mint shade :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  5. Why is it that when you are not allowed to see lots you love! I'm sure your will end up treating yourself x


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